Online Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination Training

Course Details

The face of sexual harassment has changed. Sexual harassment and gender discrimination are different in today’s workplace. The #MeToo movement, the use of social media, sexual harassment being more than just unwelcomed behavior, and the addition of gender transition in the workplace are all topics this course explores.

Watch the video interview regarding transgender in the workplace.


Bystander Intervention

Unfortunately, traditional sexual harassment training isn’t that effective. Bystander intervention training identifies employees as allies to victims, promoting respectful treatment to all employees. Empowering everyone with the ability to advocate for each other in the workplace promotes solidarity. Employees are more likely to provide feedback to other coworkers that certain behaviors are not okay. This approach to training has had positive outcomes in both higher education and the US military.

LGBTQ and Transgender in the Workplace

Not all companies include gender discrimination as part of their training. We’ve partnered with the local LGBTQ community to bring you up-to-date information on important topics such as gender equality, gender expression, and gender identity. Our course is different because it addresses workplace acceptance including the transgender population. Watch the video interview on LGBTQ acceptance in the workplace.

Meeting State Legal Requirements

Our sexual harassment and gender discrimination training is designed for employees and managers. It fulfills both federal and state requirements including the states of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York State and New York City.

Check out either our 1-hour version for employees and managers or our 2-hour version for CA/CT employees and managers.

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