Diversity Training

Course Details

Consider how, as a manager, you demonstrate behavioral inclusion in your actions. Creating space for your colleagues to bring their full potential, identities, perspectives, and skills to their work and customer relationships that add value to your organization’s culture, is affirming to the individual, and enhances engagement with customers and constituencies paramount in establishing solid inclusive behavior practices. This course will review the topics of onboarding, the employee lifecycle, and the equity lens.


Equity Lens

An equity lens ensures that your processes help integrate inclusion at the heart of an organization. Using an equity lens can help your clients ensure that equity, diversity, and inclusion are seen as integral to their project.



Regarding equity, diversity, and inclusion goals a commitment to hiring is always top of the list. We’ll review inclusive practices for job descriptions, recruitment messaging, and targeted outreach.


Onboarding is the structured approach used to help new employees learn how to be successful in the organization. It’s a time to learn about the organization’s culture and processes such as how people are selected for opportunities or learning the communication style that’s accepted.

“The most important investment that you can make in your inclusive hiring processes right now is to make a commitment to do things differently if you want to have different outcomes.” – DeEtta Jones

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